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All of you voted for blue hair

So I'm gonna get purple again because my name is Violet fuck it

yet another morning where apartment cold bed warm



I'm unemployed and have Multiple Sclerosis among other chronic diseases.
I'm currently asking for help with physiotherapy and meds.

I'm also going to use my ko-fi as a kind of patreon and publish my poems and photos in there soon!

Thank you! :blobaww:

Literally everyone is saying blue hair, is blue hair in rn?

Ok time to dye my hair

I wanted red or pink but those have always faded so fast.. purple stays but I've done purple the last like 8 times

Any recommendations?

good morning

apparently this weekend will be snowpocalypse in seattle

Reposting this only so I can pin it to my profile because this is my self-theory

if i leave my pussy hanging off the bed will a demon eat it

chest: achy
face: smoove
E: about to be injected
it's real transition hours

jesus was massively ripped. put him in a tomb and be broke the fuck out. through god all gains are possible

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@nuttgodd convinced me to get a septum piercing via saying "idk I like my septum piercing tho"

I love accidentally boosting the wrong selfie of mine

Everyone in computer science learns about The n-Queens problem in AI, but there’s a lesser-known, if not more important variant called The In-Queens problem, which goes, “How the fuck do I get out of Queens?”

I dont even have plans, Im not even a lamp admin asdfasgj

Do you know why meditation is so effective?

The lack of thinking.

Thinking is something that takes energy. It also has a chemical effect on your brain that can drastically alter your mood. Thinking, 24/7, is the best way to stress yourself endlessly.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes and look. Don't think about what you're seeing, don't think about what you hear, what you smell, just. Experience it. Breathe in, and out. Listen to the sounds around you.

When speaking with someone, listen to everything they have to say, fully, and /let them finish/ before thinking of a response. You won't interrupt them this way, your thoughts won't get in the way of you understanding them, either.

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