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pst. my switch FC is:

i play smash and wargroove and splatoon and a bunch of other good games come play with me,,,

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me, as a cyborg, with like, tons of augmentations: *gives very gentle pats but at the speed of sound*

Uh oh. Digging my masculinity right now. This is weird. what the fuck

So uh my witch wants to start doing sex work with me,

fuck I'm so happy she's wearing my red plaid "I'm a lesbian!" Jacket in this picture

another pic of my witch, ec (boosts :ok_hand:Show more

Mfw literally as I hit Toot they get boosted fuck

Mfw I forget to put "boosts ok" so nobody boosts my pics

Pt 2: pics of my witch, eye contact & :weed: Show more

Kinda worried my witch will chain me up tighter after she reads it though..

I love writing demonic shit in my new book mwahaha

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Polyamory is when you're checking out a cute enby on the train while texting your girlfriend, on your way to have a date with a really cute girl who you also want to be your girlfriend.

My witch has given me the task of being good to myself while she's gone,, self care commands are surprisingly motivational

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